ATF Timber Style Design Quiz

What is your preferred Timber Style? Let’s find out.


Here is how the quiz works:

  1. Visualize your timber frame project.
  2. Fill out the quiz below. There are no wrong answers. Go with your first thought.
  3. Review the email that we will send you within (2) business days about suggested styles.

Adjective List: Your adjective choices from the randomly organized list below will probably not fall into only one of the 7 timber style categories we have defined. Even with quick introspection, you will find that many of the adjectives used to describe yourself can be applied to your timber framing project. This is because your style is unique as well as your nuanced understanding of descriptive adjectives. But this will be immensely helpful to get on the same page with the professionals you hire.

Design Quiz


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What Do You Really Want?
The design is very subjective and influenced by many factors including your personality and identity. This guide will define some examples of timber frame styles, give you an adjective-noun screening exercise, and ask you some quick questions to help you define the overall look and feel of your future project.