Discover Your Timber Design Style!

This “Style Finder” helps you understand which of the 7 design styles that fit you best.

Here’s how the style finder works:

  1. Capture an overall picture of your project in your minds eye.
  2. Fill out the form below. Don’t overthink it – go with your first thought.
  3. Your results will be reviewed by a designer and emailed to you within (2) business days.

FYI: This is intended to be a fun way to establish common language to help you get the right look and feel. It’s unlikely that your results will fit neatly into just one category, but it’s a good way to start pinning down style elements that fit your personality.

What Do You Really Want?

The design is very subjective and influenced by many factors including your personality and identity.

This guide will define some examples of timber frame styles, give you an adjective-noun screening exercise, and ask you some quick questions to help you define the overall look and feel of your future project.

Would you prefer to just get in touch with a representative?

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Timber Style Quiz
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Find your descriptive words in this Timber Design Style Quiz. 7 styles that could fit your personality.
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