Starting Your Timber Frame Project

The Proven Process

You will discover we are not afraid to talk about the challenges and failures associated with this complex and misunderstood craft, and provide proven solutions to you.

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Whether you’re highly familiar with timber framing, or just interested in the look and feel, our process can help you to understand the costs and endless opportunity available through Hybrid Timber Framing.

Why Hybrid? | Book: ‘The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing’

Step 1:   30-90 Minute Brainstorm.

You discuss your project plans with our team to learn costs and options.

You get a concerted focus to understand your intent and wants from your post and beam project. You will receive information on costs, styles and options.

Step 2:   Timber Design Phase

Your Plans and Design Decisions are Followed to Create A 3D Model of Project.

We do the heavy lifting for you. After ideas have been brainstormed, critiqued, and tested, we develop the most promising concepts into a 3D-model for your review by all interested parties. For example, your architect and builder. You make the decisions and we revise the project until its ready for the next step.

Step 3:   Timber Crafting & Install.

When you’re fully satisfied with your design we start milling, crafting and building timbers. 

We put on our specialty-subcontractor hat and work with details, planning, and logistics in tandem with the rest of your team to move your project forward. The timbers are cut and the timbers are raised!

The Myth of Full Timber Frame

Misguided ideals born during the enthusiasm of the 1970 revival, and communication shortcuts in planning have led to the false notion of full-timber-frame superiority. 

This is unfortunate, because people can become trapped by what we call the full-timber-frame “straight jacket.” Style becomes more inflexible, floor plans, the design and building become more inflexible. Then, money allocation becomes more inflexible.

This can lead to customer dissatisfaction, and we have seen this outside of our organization time and time again.

Ugly money problems are no friend of ATF and don’t need to be a part of your experience. Our comprehensive planning and design systems will prevent ugly from ever emerging in your timber framing experience. 

The World of Timber Framing Design is at your Fingertips

We make design easy for our clients, but take no shortcuts in planning to achieve a stunning design that will last a lifetime.

As masters in design to build post and beam construction, we have created a proprietary system with all the tools you need to achieve 100% satisfaction.

While you may have a pretty good idea about how you want your timbers to look, there are many decisions to be made on our journey together due to the complexities of post and beam design and construction. Our professional design services are available to expedite your ideas for quicker approval. We are here to help you on your journey and make your timber framing project a memorable experience.

Check out our truss and design styles to help you begin to conceptualize your dream timber look.

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“It was awesome working with Bert. He helped us clearly understand our options based upon what we wanted. It was nice to see the steps compartmentalized so we could visualize and make decisions. Bert was exceptional throughout the process. Anyone who sees our entry and back patio will ooooh and ahhhh!”.

Barry Brandenburg

Post & Beam Timber Framing

Post and beam additions will increase the value of your investment and produce stunning results that are an expression of you.