Getting Started With Timber Framing

The Proven Process

While art & true creativity cannot be confined by a system straight jacket, certain key steps and processes encourage targeted efficient creative thinking. You will be involved with decision making with all three of the stages listed below. 

This three-part system has proven to help clients gain clarity when they’re starting a building project and make the right choices to get what they want – and enjoy the process.

REAL Lasting Timber Value is best defined by asking these questions:

How can I create a welcoming experience for myself, friends, and family?

How can I capture the essence of my character and core beliefs with my building project?

How can I achieve optimized ROI (return on investment), regarding potential resale value?

The Benefits of Using Timber Framing In Select Areas of Your House

High value in home resale & speed of sale – timber framing has massive historical appeal, yet is still growing in popularity.

Structural and Decorative Options – you choose where and how: The benefit of Hybrid Timber Framing.

Gorgeous range of timber stylescan add beauty to any homebuilding style.

You don’t need to frame in your closet with big posts and beams, but you can certainly take advantage of timber framing beauty and integrity in your entries, great rooms, patios/car ports and just about any structure you can think of. Selective post and beam building methods increase the value of your investment and are an expression of your unique vision.

Why Hybrid Timber Framing | Timber Framing Benefits

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Interested in starting a project?

Whether you’re highly familiar with timber frame homes, or just interested in the look and feel, our process can help you to understand the costs and endless opportunity available through Hybrid Timber Framing.

Why Hybrid? | Book: ‘The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing’


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