Classic Style Timber Framing

Classic Style: Arched, Graceful, and Robust with Curved Detailing

Included Styles:

Southern, Country, Greek Revival, Neoclassic, and French Colonial

Common Timber-Framing Characteristics:

Soft arches, average roof slopes or triangular geometry.

Medium heavy timber sizing. Timber population density: medium sparse with muted but poresent detailing.

Classic timber framing is often explained as Rustic-Elegance.

Echo Ridge Residence


Classic elements adorn this home, but in an impressive sense. The modified hammer beam trusses create a sense of grandeur in the great room, helping to bring a more cohesive feel to a large space.

The Rhine River Quarters


This timber house has a stunning 1.5 story entryway that leads to a cozy and warm great room that includes a centrally located fireplace. Dark, elegant timbers and stone accents evoke feelings of a refined European style dwelling.

Does the word “CLASSIC” give you conniptions as it does me? Like you, we must “back into” a common descriptive language with each client – both parties honing and adjusting communication of how to speak and interpret the styles, concepts, and ideas.

The best definition of Classic I have run across is:

A style, a model, or thing which once created becomes an enduring idea remaining popular over time- ageless in a sense.

Because of this, the perception of classic has grown quite broad and is more of a chameleon compared to the other six categories.

What comes to mind for you, in a general sense, when you hear the word Classic? Perhaps proven quality and smooth functionality? Perhaps well-grounded longevity, distinct lines, and tactful? Learn more about this style and how to avoid the pitfalls of this design

classic arched entryway farmhouse

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