About Arrow Timber

Arrow Timber Framing began as a specialized contractor framing complicated, high-end homes. Transitioning from traditional construction to timber framing was a natural progression for Owner, Bert Sarkkinen; he enjoys the challenges of complicated math and angles, crafting modifications to improve the functionality and beauty of a home. While Bert dedicated many hours to design and studying design and learned about joinery, he fell in love with the beauty and lore of the old world craftsmanship. Bert applies the highest degree of quality control and responsibility-oriented training and has a keen eye for balance and functionality. This translates into impeccable timber design and development.

In the ten years it took to mature the business, it was the love of the craft and his passion that was his anchor. His dog-on-a-bone perseverance and the challenges he faced in entrepreneurship laid the foundation for growth and success. While he may be a true optimist, he sets realistic expectations for people and projects. His expertise is demonstrated in his ability to acquire and train the right talent. Retaining apprentices who are our future timber framing specialists is a priority of ATF. In addition, the company has invested into tools and equipment to expedite the design and build process, purchasing trucks and trailers, and building a shop for our operations.

Our customers are a testament to our success. We hope you will help us write future chapters! We would love to earn your trust and take you on an amazing and memorable journey to create your dream building. If you can visualize it, we can make it! The designs are limitless.

Learn Our 5 Core Values

Bert Sarkkinen

When I was 16, I quit my job as a farm hand and went to work for my father, the owner of Scandia Construction, as a framing apprentice. It was my golden opportunity to learn about the building industry from the skeleton up. For 6 years, I learned all the nuances of real quality framing over other “good-enough” methods. My father’s philosophy was that mistakes, while they should be minimized, can be fixed. And, he taught me how to turn out a fine quality building without taking forever! While training was painful, I kept working on learning logistics, quality control, visualization, roof math, and all the requirements needed to make the subcontractors’ and general contractor’s lives easy.

“The most important lesson – I was responsible for the functionality of the house.” My father taught me always to add an extra stairway riser when possible, because the stairs would be so much more comfortable. I learned to avoiding door swings hitting toilets, checking code clearance for egress, and leaving room for cabinets and refrigerators were of few of the pitfalls avoided. few. calculations for roof valleys, hips, and tons of framing details. The list just never quit. Read more …

“The love for and fascination with building and creating structures started with building forts and carving projects as a youngster.”

Josh Gedenberg

Josh is our top integrator here at ATF, and he keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently. He wears many hats in operations to include accounting, engineering, human resources, and purchasing. He is also responsible for installation, shop fabrication and shop drawings. His high level of quality control and care keeps projects on track and to the required specifications.

Josh uses his skills of perseverance and money management to ensure both clients and employees are well taken care of. We also appreciate his warmth and professionalism. Josh was a top graduate in school and his intelligence and sharp mind are quickly evident when you visit with him. He likes to have all the answers no matter how hard the question. Josh lives the ATF core values and his decision making skills are top-notch. Past work experience included framing custom homes and he spent 15 years in truss sales.

“Growing up in New Hampshire, as a small boy, I always knew I wanted to be a timber framer. After working in construction in NH, I was invited by my employer to move to the Northwest to continue my construction career. My wife, Emily and I love the Northwest. In my free time I enjoy spending time with the kids doing some fun and unusual projects like smelting aluminum cans into ingots for cast aluminum parts. I also enjoy working on my ’64 Chevrolet Bel Air!”

“Thank you, Arrow Timber Framing, for your expertise, professionalism, as well as your creative guidance.

It is our privilege to recommend Bert Sarkkinen, the owner of Arrow Timber Framing, and his crew with deeply felt gratitude and highest regard. Bert’s artistry infuses our home with “heart and soul”.

Barbara and Stuart Morgan

“Bert and his Team have completed phase one on our home that is currently under construction. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with Arrow Timber. Bert has been so helpful in the design work and so inspiring to us.

It’s like he can see what I have visualized. His crew has great expertise and craftsmanship as they build the most beautiful timbers. They have done what was needed to complete the project, plus more. As funds allow we will move forward with the construction of phase 2 and will definitely be working with Arrow Timber.”.

Sarah & Karl Rose

Hybrid Timber Framing & The Myth of Full Timber Framing

Hybrid timber framing is the art and craft of incorporating posts and beams into your building projects. It represents the most flexible design system that will accommodate virtually every architectural floor plan, layout or roof design. Love timber framing but not sure about a full timber frame home? With hybrid techniques don't have to use timbers everywhere in your square footage.

You can create unique artistic beauty with structural strength and eliminate the financial burden associated with full timber framing.  Arrow Timber Frame offers 13 truss styles and 7 design styles for custom post and beam construction. Design is only limited by your imagination!

If you are thinking about traditional full timber framing with 100% exposed posts and beams, we recommend reading The Myths of Full Timber Framing. 

Most of our clients who initially thought they wanted traditional full timber frame construction learned of the constraints and costs, and made the sensible and sustainable decisions to incorporate Hybrid post and beam construction into their dwellings. 

Read Why Hybrid?