Chilton Residence

The Chilton Residence features many rustic elements with a noticeable size and footprint, especially the log posts on the entryway.

Timbers abound on the exterior as well as the interior, including a great room with overhead beams and tongue and groove, with additional rustic flair coming from log posts supporting the balcony. Beams are used in transition areas and the entryway to provide a holistic timber feel throughout the home.

Built in collaboration with Chilton Custom Homes.

Our Timber Frame Houses & Structures Portfolio shows the start of what's possible with design.

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Craig Chilton is a logger. His father was a logger. His grandfather was a logger.

So when Arrow sat down with Craig and his wife, Robin, to design their dream home, we knew we would be incorporating logs!

And not just any logs, either – the cedar entry posts are five feet in diameter!

The Chiltons also included a great historical touch in their home. ATF was able to salvage old wall timbers and ceiling joists from Craig’s grandparents’ homestead. The old, irregular, hand-hewn timbers were carefully hand-scribed and installed as accents in their dining room. The dining room is located between the great room and kitchen – the approximate center of the floor plan.

The physical and symbolic heart of their home, it is where both food and memories are served!

“You really are more than just a Timber Framer. It must be a lot of fun to help pull things together!” Craig told me.

Pulling things together is our specialty here at ATF. It’s important because post and beam construction will have a huge impact on how a project looks and feels. It’s a focal point, so it has to be just right!

Everything has to be in perfect balance.

Wall heights, roof slopes, roof profiles, textures, colors, etc. are all considered to create personalized Timber Packages. 

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The Chilton Residence featured rustic elements with noticeable footprint, especially the log posts on the entryway.
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