Initiating the Vision

Depicting the Vision

Constructing the Vision

The Hybrid Timber Framing Advantage

Hybrid Timber Framing will give you the warm experience of exposed beam construction without the inflexibility associated with full timber framing methods. Hybrid post and beam building methods increase the value of your investment and produce stunning results that are an expression of your unique vision. As you move forward, keep in mind that real lasting value is best defined by asking these questions:

How can I create a joyous, welcoming experience for myself, my friends and my family?

How can I capture the essence of my character and core beliefs with my building project?

How can I achieve optimized return on investment, regarding potential resale value?

(Above) 3D Model Design & Hybrid Timber Package by Arrow Timber

The Proven Process

30-90 Minute Brainstorm: Are we the right fit for you?

Design Phase: Using 3D Modeling, let’s create your ideal design.

Crafting & Install: After crafting your timbers, your timber project comes to life during the install.

The fastest way to explore your project possibilities, and what it will cost, is to schedule a 30-90 minute brainstorm.

Call: 1-833-212-0202 for more information.

“Thank you, Arrow Timber Framing, for your expertise, professionalism, as well as your creative guidance.

It is our privilege to recommend Bert Sarkkinen, the owner of Arrow Timber Framing, and his crew with deeply felt gratitude and highest regard. Bert’s artistry infuses our home with “heart and soul”.

Barbara and Stuart Morgan

“Bert and his Team have completed phase one on our home that is currently under construction. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with Arrow Timber. Bert has been so helpful in the design work and so inspiring to us.

It’s like he can see what I have visualized. His crew has great expertise and craftsmanship as they build the most beautiful timbers. They have done what was needed to complete the project, plus more. As funds allow we will move forward with the construction of phase 2 and will definitely be working with Arrow Timber.”.

Sarah & Karl Rose

Hybrid Timber Framing & The Myth of Full Timber Framing

Hybrid timber framing is the art and craft of incorporating posts and beams into your building projects. It represents the most flexible design system that will accommodate virtually every architectural floor plan, layout or roof design.

You can create unique artistic beauty with structural strength and eliminate the financial burden associated with full timber framing.  Arrow Timber Frame offers 13 truss styles and 7 design styles for custom post and beam construction. Design is only limited by your imagination!

If you are thinking about traditional full timber framing with 100% exposed posts and beams, we recommend reading The Myths of Full Timber Framing. 

Most of our clients who initially thought they wanted traditional full timber frame construction learned of the constraints and costs, and made the sensible and sustainable decisions to incorporate Hybrid post and beam construction into their dwellings. 

Read Why Hybrid?

Tell Us about you....

Each client has their own needs and requirements. Click on the link below to see some helpful information and commonly asked questions

“We wanted to do something for an entryway but didn’t quite know how. Bert came up with the design. He also helped translate that into beam work over the garage. Bert helped “seed ” our ideas into something bigger – from idea to concept to installation. He made it more comforting for us to say ‘yes’. We really admired all the work that was done including the professionalism of the crew”.

Geoff Parker

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