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Hybrid Timber Framing will give you the warm experience of adding exposed beam construction to your custom house plan without the inflexibility associated with full timber frame home building.

Timber homes that utilize the right balance of post and beam construction, have a clear advantage in value and enjoyment; fully capable of modern architecture style, rustic, farmhouse, open concept, classic, euro, and craftsman. The cost-per-square footage depends on your choices throughout the design process. You can feature timbers where they best serve their purpose, whether decorative or structural.

Your options are nearly endless and through a 3D modeling process, you can see how your timbers will look from all angles, making decisions that reflect your personality and aesthetic preferences. Explore the options of this timeless art with modern construction methods.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Timber Framing?

It is a construction method that pre-dates current “stick-built” framing. It utilizes heavy rectangular posts and beams that are exposed on both interior and exterior. 

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3. What are the Pro's and Con's of Using Timbers?

In the case of “full” timber frame homes, it reduces the flexibility of the floor plan and causes a lot of expense in order to structurally frame every room, including bathrooms and closets. With a “hybrid” timber house, you have the option to only use post and beam in specific areas and have much more flexibility in floor plan decision making. The primary pro’s are: unique, artistic look. Excellent sell through (if designed properly) and the ability to truly customize a home. The cons are: higher cost per sq. foot, and in the case of “full” timber design, more constraints in floor plan design.

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4. Popular Wood Species?

There are numerous wood types that have been used for heavy exposed beam homes, including but not limited to: Douglas Fir, Cedar, Hemlock, Pine and Spruce. If you’d like to learn about species and our favorite wood to use – click here.

2. What Will A Timber Home Cost?

Compared to “conventional” framing, timber framing has a higher cost. However, the range of investment varies widely depending on number and size of timber.

With “Hybrid Timber Framing” allocate 10-20% of the overall build cost for your timber budget. Open outdoor structures that are primarily built out of timbers and don’t include conventional framing don’t apply here – they vary widely.

This investment range will allow you to get the right-size timbers in the right amount to make sure you don’t have an underwhelming timber package, while keeping your overall investment on track.

For example: if your overall build budget is $1,000,000 (1 Mil), allocating 100-200K (Includes Design, Timber Fabrication, Engineering, Staining and Install) would give you a timber investment that allows you to get a totally unique and artistic timber package. If you’re going for a minimum amount of timbers, it could be less, but 10-20% of total custom home budget is the average investment for most clients who choose to design a hybrid timber home.

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5. Engineering and Insurance Concerns?

As long as you can get an engineer to approve a timber home, insurance won’t question your house construction. Engineers need to understand the tensile strength of timbers and joinery (for example: an inch and a quarter oak peg is equivalent to a one half-inch diameter mild steel bolt). Arrow Timber hires engineers who have an excellent understanding of post and beam construction methods, so that permitting and insurance aren’t an issue.

6. What is the difference between "Timber Framing" and "Post and Beam"

Both construction techniques utilize heavy exposed timber posts, knee-braces and beams, but typically, traditional joinery is used in timber framing (such as oak pegs, mortise and tenon techniques), where-as post and beam is “butt-fit” using metal straps and bolts holding two pieces together. Essentially wood vs metal joinery.

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The Timber Design is Everything

Regarding post and beam construction aesthetics, we can learn from the following of examples for setting the context and getting beam proportions right.

A project by an unknown builder. To the untrained eye, this timber porch and accents may seem ok, but imagine how good this could look with the following suggested changes:

If this had been your plan, and ATF was hired, these tweaks would have been applied to a 3D model before crafting the posts, beams, brackets & trusses. As you know, ugly can go much deeper than just floor plan design aesthetics, it could be in attitudes, communication and experiences. You can avoid this by hiring the right team members for your custom home design. “Off-the-shelf” designs often fail to hit the mark. An inexperienced designer may not choose more than one lumber size for beams and posts. Careful attention should be paid to beam sizing, as well as proportioning. If a design is top-heavy, it looks unsupported and awkward. Avoiding ugly floor plans & the intricacies of post and beam construction is all discussed in-depth in the book “The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing.”

The Proven Process

30-90 Minute Brainstorm: Are the solutions our company offer the right fit for you?

Design Phase: Using 3D Modeling, let’s create your ideal custom floor plan design.

Crafting & Install: After crafting your exposed beam package, your project comes to life during the installation.

The fastest, easiest and most effective way to explore your building project possibilities, and what it will cost, is to schedule a 30-90 minute brainstorm.

Call: 1-833-212-0202

(Above) 3D Model Design & Hybrid Post & Beam Package by Arrow Timber

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