Depicting the Vision

Initiating the Vision

Constructing the Vision

The Timber Frame Advantage

Hybrid Timber Framing will give you the warm experience of adding exposed beam construction to your house plan without the inflexibility associated with full timber frame homebuilding. Timber frame homes that utilize the right balance of post and beam, have a clear advantage in value and enjoyment; fully capable of modern style, rustic, open concept, classic euro and craftsman.

“The Sworn Enemies of Ugly Timber Framing”

Regarding ugly timber aesthetics, we can learn from the following of examples for setting the context and getting timber proportions right.

A project by an unknown builder. To the untrained eye, this timber application may seem ok, but imagine how good this could look with the following suggested changes:

If this had been your plan, and ATF was hired, these tweaks would have been applied to a 3D model before putting together your timber frame package. As you know, ugly can go much deeper than just timber aesthetics, it could be in attitudes, communication and experiences. You can avoid this by hiring right.

Learn the Costs of Timber Framing 

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The Proven Process

30-90 Minute Brainstorm: Is our timber framing company the right fit for you?

Design Phase: Using 3D Modeling, let’s create your ideal design.

Crafting & Install: After crafting your timber frame package, your timber project comes to life during the install.

The fastest way to explore your timber frame project possibilities, and what it will cost, is to schedule a 30-90 minute brainstorm.

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(Above) 3D Model Design & Hybrid Timber Package by Arrow Timber