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The artistic elements of exposed beam construction is what makes it so appealing to owners, builders and architects. It’s not just a visual cue, although that’s a big draw. The beauty of post and beam also comes from the psychological feeling of safety, warmth and nature. In our collection of videos, you will learn about designing timber homes, some of the technical aspects, see home walk-throughs and learn about design styles like craftsman and rustic.

Take your time to find videos that appeal to you. There is a wide range, some shorter, and even some long timber seminars.

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Perhaps Most Important to Start With: What Is Timber Framing? And, what are the differences between it and post and beam?

Best & Worst Species of Wood to Build With

In this informative and educational video, Bert discusses these species: Douglas Fir, Cedar, Pine, Hemlock, Spruce and a few others. Drying, sap, twisting and stain-ability all play into the factors that make up a good or bad timber frame wood species.

Rustic Modern Home Walkthrough

The 3D model phase alone can bring some breathtaking moments, but it is no comparison for the actual walkthrough. Learn about how the design and collaboration came together to create a design that the owners loved. 

What “Hybrid” Really Means

The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing explores the link between traditional craftsmanship, with current building styles such as “Craftsman”, “Rustic”, “Modern” and beyond.

The Problem w/ Log Cabins

A log cabin, is a log cabin, is a log cabin. Although charming, log cabins have a number of drawbacks that should be taken into consideration before building one. 

Modern Timber Home – Client Testimonial

Architect Craig Collins discusses the process of design and build. This collaboration resulted in a stunning modern home.

Luxury Rustic Home – Client Testimonial

A homeowner discusses the process of choosing their timber style and building the gorgeous rustic home they now live in.

arrow timber testimonials

Craftsman Home Plan 3D Rendering

All of Arrow Timber’s Floor Plans are created in a 3D model so homeowners can be certain about the design decisions they make. Here is a render of a Craftsman House Plan.

History of Timber Construction

Using timbers and logs for construction goes back for centuries, especially before widespread availability of nails and sawmills.

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