Timber Framing Fundamentals: 

Seminar, Shop Tour & DIY Project

This Thursday! (May 23rd)

Some people are hesitant to attend seminars because they don’t want to waste time listening to salesy propaganda. That is not the case here. Our seminars are meant to educate and inform on subjects concerning exposed beam design.

Upcoming Seminar: Timber Framing Fundamentals: Seminar, Shop Tour & DIY Project

May 23rd 2024 – ATF Shop Kalama WA

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Your Timber Framing Adventure Awaits!

Get ready to channel your inner timber framer by learning fundamentals and a DIY hands-on experience! Join other enthusiasts, gain knowledge, ideas and traction.


Seminar Overview:


  • Welcome: Dive into Timber Framing.
    • We’ll cover the basics and how this awesome building method has evolved.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Tour:
    • Explore our sawmill, see cool tools, check out joinery, and understand wood shrinkage with examples.
  • Success Starts Here:
    • Discover the mindset and knowledge that make timber framing projects thrive.
  • Picking the Perfect Wood:
    • Learn about popular timber framing woods and which is best for your dream project.
  • The Strength in the Structure:
    • A simple but eye-opening demo on how timber trusses work.
  • Insider Tips:
    • Get the top 3 things to know before you embark on your own timber framing journey.
  • Learning Wrap-Up:
    • Let’s recap! We’ll cement the knowledge discussed and help you plan your next steps.
  • Hands-On Challenge: 
    • You’ll be part of a team tackling a mystery timber frame woodworking project. No instructions, just teamwork, and problem-solving!
    • Oh, and did we mention there’s a random drawing to take home one of these mystery projects? (Don’t worry, it won’t require a semi-truck to haul).
  • Celebrate & Connect: Snacks, socializing, and pick the brains of our experts!

Short Seminar Preview Video

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You can attend live seminars at the Arrow Timber location in Kalama Washington. Just south of Kalama River Road exit – you can see the location from I5.

5225 Meeker Dr, Kalama, WA 98625

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