Rustic Style Timber Framing

Rustic Style: Heavy, Rugged, and Stout with a Fortress Theme

Included Styles:

Lodge, Mountain, Chalet, Log Home, A-frame, Organic/Natural, and Western

Common Timber-Framing Characteristics:

Big, sometimes really big, timbers with relatively high timber density population.

Typically rougher detailing, shapes, and natural materials, such as hand-hewn, rough sawn, or reclaimed/salvaged beams.

You might see long hand-riven pegs protruding out at random lengths, as well as heavy, black ironwork with timber pieces moderately simple regarding profiles and joinery.

See a Rustic Timber Frame House Plan

rustic living room log and timbers

Specific things to notice are how the logs and timbers mix. While supporting the roof framing, we upsized the timbers and created joinery to capture the craftsmanship from the era.

Another thing to notice is the attention to detail not only log/timber but also with hand crafted lights and decor that preserved/highlighted the original construction. It mixes with the theme and decor of how the original craftsmen intended.

rustic classic home entry

Arches are most frequently used to capture rustic elegance. Adding arches and curves can be the right thing to do to nuance, tweak and blend timber packages with overall home styles and satisfy all decision makers

rustic log entry home

Cedar logs with their dramatic root formation and taper are a popular choice when mixing organic logs and timbers. IF this is something you want, it is not an easy slam-dunk decision – you may end up searching high and low for logs in the right proportions.

With this project, the owner was a logger and found great specimens, but it meant we had to upsize everything from roof pitch, to overhangs to beam sizes, because the logs were almost too big.

back porch timber frame

In a practical sense, arches can raise knee braces to avoid head-bonking and specifically in old churches and historical buildings, create an airy, majestic feel. This raises the elegance factor, while being able to maintain large beam sizing.

A Rustic Home Floor Plan

Big, natural trunks frame the riveting entrance to this remarkable custom timber home. This house features an epic great hall and flexible spaces for entertaining and dynamic lifestyles.

The Huntsman Home

Not only does the exterior design catch the eye in a unique way, but the timber features bring a strength and elegance to the overall package. The Huntsman Home is a testament to dynamic Hybrid Timber Framing.

Rustic style is a very broad term that includes Lodge or Mountain style, Chalet, Log, A-frame, Organic/natural, and Western styles. Whether it is tall or wide, big or small, visitors are left with the impression that it is a log cabin. Many people tire of the extremely rustic décor, leaving them without the long-term satisfaction they envisioned. Important considerations for Rustic Style is to figure out how much Rustic makes sense in and urban or semi urban setting, considering the neighboring properties, resale value, and any covenant criteria. 

Is Your Timber Style Really Rustic?

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“ For several years Laura and I had been planning and dreaming about expanding our outdoor living area. We have a patio with a concrete slab in the backyard and wanted to come up with some way to put a roof over it and still make it feel very outdoors. We had consulted with several architects and even paid one for several ideas. We were still not real pleased with the compromises and the overall design. At a home show I met Bert and asked him if he was interested. Through that initial meeting I sent him pictures of our house and he offered to come out and present some ideas.

When he showed us the initial SketchUp design we were very pleased. It had all the elements that we were looking for. It blended in well to our existing home. It preserved the back hard view and sunlight access. And it was a dramatic and pleasing design. The only drawback was the budget. On that issue Bert was very flexible and worked hard to get the project with in our budget. When the crew went to work we were very impressed with their skills and workmanship. They completed the project on time. We made some minor changes as the project progressed and there were no problems negotiating costs and time schedules.

In the end were very pleased and proud of the finished work. It is something we love to show off to all our friends. More importantly we are enjoying the space every day. When I get the painting done and some more landscaping I would be glad for you to come and take some pictures

Thanks again for a great project.”


“ This is our second home Bert and Arrow Timber have framed for us. From plan review to engineering and foundation, Bert played a key role in making all the pieces fit together seamlessly. Kelvin, Bert’s foreman, was very communicative and adaptive to our needs and had no issues with on-site change orders, as this was a custom home. The neighbors commented to me, that Bert’s crew was clean, professional and as quiet as could be expected. Obviously I can attest to that, they basically left no carbon footprint. I don’t want to leave my home but if I had to build again, Bert and Arrow Timber would be the only crew I would use.”

Tim McMillan

“Our backyard pavilion is a work of art. Stunning! Everything just fits! I absolutely love it! I am a customer for life. “

John Jennings

“Mark and I have really enjoyed the beautiful covered backyard living space that your team fast efficiently and cleanly built for our family…Bert was so helpful in helping to give us ideas and we appreciated how he could so expertly draw up a sketch of his ideas. ”

Mark & Erika Halberg

“You have a skill that is hard to find these days. In addition, everyone that sees it is amazed at both your design, and your quality. Working with a company like yours…is a special treat…Anyone interested in a quality structure…wouldn’t be disappointed!”

Mike Richart

“ We met with Bert and looked at pictures and examples, then he drew them up and they all became part of the final design. Bert also added accents, like the mantel, to give it a nice finishing touch. It was a large-scale project with a lot of moving parts and he worked alongside the engineer.

Everybody worked hard to get it all done within a very reasonable amount of time. The crew got in and got out. They were very courteous. Everything turned out great. We just love the results. When anybody walks into our home their jaws drop.”

Chad Krippner

“ My husband had known how much I enjoyed the look and the atmosphere that timber framing portrays that a few years ago he surprised me with a beautiful new timber-framed kitchen. I love the exposed beams and trusses. They give my house a rustic yet homey and comforting vibe. Bert’s crew expertly and beautifully installed the beams and trusses so quick (one weekend) and efficiently.

I know that for any future timber framing we have done, the first person we’ll call is Bert! Thank you Arrow for helping make my house feel like home.”

Heidi and Dean Cahoon

“I wouldn’t recommend any other Timber Framer in the county other than Bert and Arrow Timber Framing”. Bert and his team create the most amazing handiwork, I have worked for years with Bert and have discovered he always goes the extra mile with your best interest at heart.”

James Misner

“I wouldn’t recommend any other Timber Framer in the county other than Bert and Arrow Timber  Framing”. Bert and his team create the most amazing handiwork, I have worked for years with Bert  and have discovered he always goes the extra mile with your best interest at heart.”

James Misner

“Bert helped “seed ” our ideas into something bigger – from idea to concept to installation. He made it more comforting for us to say ‘yes’. We really admired all the work that was done including the professionalism of the crew.”

Geoff Parker