Your Floor Plan Designed for Timbers

So you’ve considered all your options and looked deep within and you are positive – your new home is to be a timber frame home. Firstly, congratulations! But, now what? Where do you begin? At the heart of planning for any home is the floor plan. The way in which you will interact with your home is paramount to your emotional well being and lifestyle you wish to create for your home.

Hybrid timber frame floor plans offer the flexibility of utilizing exposed beam construction only in the areas of the home where the visual and structural impact is necessary. You can bypass the need to timber frame in a bathroom or closet, for instance, with hybrid floor plans, and use timbers in select areas like the entrance, great room and kitchen.

Create your own or customize an existing floor plan. With a team of dedicated floor plan designers, you can either customize an existing floor plan, or start from scratch on designing a whole new plan.

So let’s talk about the constraints and flexibility of Hybrid Timber Framing next.

Interested in a timber project?

Whether you’re highly familiar with timber framing, or just interested in the look and feel, our process can help you to understand the costs and endless opportunity available through Hybrid Timber Framing.

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The Benefits of Hybrid Timber Framing

Why do homeowners choose hybrid timbers for their homes?

Using Hybrid Timber Framing for your “forever home” displays personalized beauty in select areas of the home, without the constraints of building the entire home from timbers.

A lasting impression can be made with your dwelling place. Entertain and inspire guests with your customized timber frame. (Hopefully, you get good lasting impressions from the building process/journey as well.)

The range of styles give the opportunity to fit any desired look and feel, while still utilizing the craftsmanship of post and beam construction.

There is a certain strength and beauty that can only be accomplished with timber framing. Houses that are built with exposed beams generally hold higher resale value and sell through, while satisfying the need for a natural look.

Setting the stage for artistic balanced timber framing, often begins with the right home design style, which we’ll cover next.

Learn the Costs of Timber Framing 

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Discover Your Unique Style

Home design currently draws from a wide range of styles, both contemporary and historical, to express the personality and preferences of the homeowner.

Timbers can be dynamic in how they are used for design styles. While it may seem that timber framing is a “rustic” technique, they can actually be used in a wide spectrum of styles, even to the extent of totally modern homebuilding styles.

Express yourself through the personalization of hybrid timber framing and use elements of design styles to create a home that is truly a reflection of your wants and desires.

Get insight to your personal taste as you learn more about each of these styles and get handy tips and tricks to move forward: Get your Autographed Copy: “The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing”

Explore Hybrid Timber Framing in Depth

The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing by Bert Sarkkinen is a must read for project owners, architects/designers, and builders who want to influence the look and feel of their building timber frame project using exposed beam construction.

It is rich with ideas, imagery, and instruction to jump start your inspiration and planning.

Naturally, post and beam construction has an outsized impact on the aesthetics of building projects. Adding timbers without weighing the structural and aesthetic impacts can magnify any awkward imbalances; proceeding without addressing these important considerations is very risky.

You will learn how to avoid expensive pitfalls and understand the diverse timber styles showcased in this book.

This will help you better communicate your ideas, achieve an enjoyable building process, and maximize your probabilities of success using hybrid timber framing.

This guide will help you plan and build it right the first time!

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