Euro Style Timber Framing

Euro Style: Sophisticated, Curvy, and Elegant with Scroll Detailing

Included Styles:

Tudor, French Country, Chateau, Mediterranean, Tuscan, Spanish, and Gothic Revival

Common Timber-Framing Characteristics:

Steeper triangles and knee-brace orientation, medium timber sizing, ornate, intricate detailing, sharper or more pronounced curves , and medium timber population density.

Neutral infill/backdrop material with either high soaring space volume or low, cozy, almost cramped space volume.

Euro brings a high element of class, history & aesthetic beauty. The elements that make up a Euro Timber Frame bring an old-world elegance to homes.

Europe has spawned so many unique styles over the years, achieving “fluency” in architectural speak to describe Euro Style can be a bit like eating an elephant.

But because timbers have such an oversized impact (kind of like an elephant!) on the statement of your projects, we do not have to dissect every conceivable style associated with Europe.

The influences of Euro style architecture stems from Roman & Greek styles, as well as Renaissance and Cathedral design. 

timber frame entryway

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