Coastal Style Timber Framing

Beach/Coastal Style: Diverse and Unpredictable with Seaside Touches

Included Styles:

Modern, Cape Cod, Salt Box, Victorian, Cottage, Eclectic

Common Timberframing Characteristics:

Elliptical curves, tentative timber density, cables, steel rope and other maritime touches with a coatios approach.

Careful to embellish the unique aspects of the project theme with just enough balanced timber to do the job

See a Coastal Lodge-Style House Plan

If I were forced to describe what I consider the epitome of Beach or Coastal Style you might hear the following adjectives:

Weather gray, compact, low Space volume, sheltered profiles, and effective use of space- such as an open, multi-purpose room with many windows in a view wall, facing the sea.

Circular stairways, sleep cubbies, efficient kitchens, and stowaway Murphy type of beds also come to mind. For our purposes, it is enough to touch on the small things we have noticed regarding the use of exposed beams to influence style for projects located on the Beach or Coast.

The Kenai Lodge


A Coastal House Plan

This rugged hybrid timber frame home can proudly settle into the most spartan climates and terrains while providing all the amenities of an uncompromised modern lifestyle.

alaskan home plan

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