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Articles & Information. The study of exposed beam construction is an ongoing process.

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You love the look of timbers, but where do you begin? Our Knowledge Center is a great place to explore the world of expressive timber framing and design.

We have assembled our most valuable body of work about post and beam construction.

The articles will address important issues like timber maintenance, case studies and how to avoid bad designs. Learn about the complexities of timber construction and our innovative systems for project success.

Discover your favorite Timber Truss Styles, see our latest videos and learn the many facets of post and beam construction.

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Featured on: Homestyle Green Podcast

Interview with Matthew Cutler Welsh of “Homestyle Green Podcast” about the integrations and iterations of green building as it relates to timber framing. Matthew focuses on the Green Building side of contracting and does an excellent job covering a wide range of topics on the subject.

Listen on Matthews Website

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The Timber Frame Knowledge Center - Learn About Construction & Design
Timber Framing
The Timber Frame Knowledge Center - Learn About Construction & Design
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Timber construction and design are discussed in great detail - also check out the "Inspiration Report" for case studies and photography.
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