Fulfilling the Vision of a Timber Lakehouse

Listen to Matt M. talk about his experience first deciding to include beams, then learning about the floor plan timber design process with Arrow Timber. By working with Matt’s questions and ideas, the design team crafted a timber package that felt rustic and warm, but brought some modern elements to it from using more boxy, hipped-roof options, also including flared posts that gave a strong, uniform “flared log” bottom.

Timber homes can be an artful expression of your personality. Integrating post and beam techniques into custom houses requires attention to both details, and the big picture. Learn more by reading the book “The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing”

See the finished hybrid timber frame home…as Bert Sarkkinen walks through the final product, featuring gorgeous timbers & stonework. The 3D model phase alone can bring some breathtaking moments, but it is no comparison for the actual walkthrough.

Learn about how the design and collaboration came together to create a design that the owners loved. The owners were open to ideas and thus, the design stage flourished and Arrow Timber was able to craft an artistic hybrid timber frame package.

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Timber Frame Lakehouse
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Timber Frame Lakehouse
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A gorgeous lakehouse utilizing hybrid timber framing to accentuate the setting and lakehouse feel.
Bert Sarkkinen
Arrow Timber
Arrow Timber