Data Suggests That You Are Well Grounded and Able To Keep Good Relationships:

Sitting down this spring in reflection, I realized my appreciation for the clients I get to work with. In the past 10 years, every client Arrow Timber Framing has helped to acquire their personalized timber living has been great to work with… With the exception of two.

So the data is telling us 200+ good experiences and two negative experiences. Granted it’s a very narrow test which would certainly fall short of scientific standards, but it’s fun to theorize.

So why are clients who appreciate post-and beam decor so much more stable and solid?

Theory A: Timber Frame Clients have more money and can afford post-and beam decor.
Can you trust someone who has plenty of dough?Are less likely to squabble about money? Yes and No.

Arguments that Theory A is False:
Money cannot be a determining factor because post-and beam decor doesn’t have to be an extravagant budget buster.

Squabbles are almost never about the money, but more about what is fair, who is justified, feelings about being under-appreciated etc. If a person happens to be tight on cash when a dispute arises, these feelings can be amplified by lack of money.

Someone who does not face monetary constraints may have an easier time looking at things objectively. But it usually comes down to principles. Who hasn’t heard an equivalent story about someone spending $.44 on a stamp to correct a $.19 overcharge on a phone bill?

Arguments that Theory A is true:

By many standards, money is the yardstick of success. Many successful personal habits and traits will naturally attract wealth. For example: Hard work, Creative thinking, Caring for others, and Good organizational skills will certainly help a person become wealthy.

Theory B: Happy, well-balanced people are drawn to the beauty of wood rather than other building materials such as concrete, glass, brick etc.

Theory B carries no weight at all. Studies have shown that people seem to have an internal happiness factor that can be temporarily moved up or down by positive and negative changes, but always returns to the original level. Therefore, many people will be drawn to and appreciate the materials you use to create the beauty and art of your surroundings. And you know, many types of materials used with timbers will enhance each other and create synergy.

Theory C: Timber frame clients have time-tested values which make them inclined towards post-and-beam decor.

If this isn’t preaching to the choir, I don’t know what is! Exposed wood has been used to build homes for so many generations, that a longing towards post-and-beam decor is part of our makeup. It’s just a question of whether or not it is dormant or active. Thus, those who are actively pursuing post-and-beam decor are more in tune to the bedrock values which govern the tranquility of families, which in turn helps stabilize society.

For me, Theory C is the best explanation of my 99 to 1 ratio of good clients to bad clients. Which makes me very glad to be a timber frame craftsman. Having the opportunity to work and do business with such a well-grounded, solid segment of society is a privilege.

Here are some points I’ve noticed about Timber Frame Clients:

Deals are still done with a handshake.

Well-earned trust is what makes the world go-round. It really is the power behind the handshake deal. Trust must be earned. Body language and nonverbal clues accumulated over time by cheating habits cannot be wiped away or covered up with elegant speech and slick sales presentations. Even if your conscious mind fails to clue into a dubious situation, your subconscious will try to get through. It’s often called a nagging or gut feeling.

Once someone has achieved self-knowledge and stable happiness, they have an easy time in relating and have excess capacity to help others. Their well-being becomes further augmented and a positive spiral is continually fed. Not at all unlike money creating more money.

I highly recommend, at the very minimum, to get a proposal in writing.

This will be effective in eliminating misconceptions. I believe the real value a contract provides is nothing other than clear communication. A contractor friend of mine once said: “What good is a contract when you can’t trust your customer?” For you, the question is reversed: “What good is a contract with Arrow Timber Framing if you can’t trust me?”

They know themselves and are content with who they are.

Gone is the folly and indecision of youth. Gone is the agonizing turmoil about self-identity. Because of this, decisions and choices are not only easier but they are correct most of the time! My communications and fulfillment working for these sophisticated individuals is 99% guaranteed. These good solid values tend to be caused by generations of reinforcement. Values that are baked into their DNA. That could explain why they are more attracted to post-and-beam construction and the solid values it represents.

Thank you to all past and present clients for the goodwill and enthusiasm you bring to the table. It is as inspiring as it is fulfilling. It adds to my motivation to connect and create artistic timber frames which will signify coming home to many lasting memories as well as a symbol of good intentions for the future.

Till next time,

– Bert Sarkkinen


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