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The Artisan Crafted Timber Pavilion Experience


When you consider building a timber frame pavilion structure, you’ll be met with a large range of options, prices and looks.


Two years ago, a couple from Western Washington came in for a brainstorm in our design studio to talk about their outdoor living pavilion. They saw endless options on the market, but wanted something with more beauty, strength and customizability.


Originally, the structure was going to be a straight 18x32 structure with gable roof end-to-end, but it became apparent in reviewing their situation, that a corbel braced pop-out, to create a small entry on the side, would be a welcoming look, and wise investment.


Looking at photos and talking about design preferences as well as investment cost, it became apparent that flared arches would be ideal for capturing the look and feel they wanted.

Added Enjoyment, Added Resale Value


Historically, discerning clients realize the advantage of avoiding run-of-the-mill cookie cutter solutions. The long-term enjoyment and resale value of custom crafted timber structures is far beyond any other solution.


You’ll find that our Timber Frame Pavilions & Covers cut no corners in design, timber quality and craftsmanship. Your structure will not be a mass-produced, robot-cut timber frame pavilion, instead every timber is hand-picked, every cut and craft done by Master Timber Frame Artisans.


We work from only the finest Washington State Timbers, primarily in Douglas Fir but also in Cedar. Fully structural and beautiful timber peg joinery shows off the timbers, instead of masking it. If you do choose brackets we offer high-quality metal options that can provide an attractive look and symmetry.

Explore Costs & Options:

Gather any plans, sketches, photos, ideas or questions you may have about your project,

What customers have found to work best is to set up a 30-90 minute Brainstorm in-person or via tele-conference to get started.

You will leave the brainstorm with solid information about options and pricing quotes. You can even put down your first deposit right after the brainstorm to kick-start the design process.

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Why go with a Premium Timber Frame Structure?

The structural integrity and artistic beauty of a customized timber frame structure makes an impression like no other.

Whether you’re hoping to have a place to barbecue and kick back, or a larger structure for entertaining guests, timber framing is an impressive way to create your ideal structure.

Your structure will not be your average pavilion, it will be a custom-designed, top-quality, artisan crafted timber structure.

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