Poolside Pavilion

This timber frame pavilion makes use of both straight-line traditional timbers as well as subtle curvature on the bottom cord of the main king truss, as well as curved knee braces. This combination brings elements of both traditional and classic timber styles. All four posts are tapered to bring an organic strength that isn’t instantly apparent, but is noticed upon further inspection. The owners made excellent choices with lighting on the pavilion, and an antler chandelier. Positioned on the pool patio, it is the perfect respite for relaxation. This poolside timber pavilion is the ideal outdoor living structure for the setting.

timber frame pavilion

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Poolside Timber Pavilion
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Poolside Timber Pavilion
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Positioned on the pool patio, this beautiful timber pavilion is the ideal outdoor structure to relax and enjoy swimming, fireside chats and natural living.
Bert Sarkkinen
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