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Viewing photos of custom timber homes and patio covers is one of the most exciting ways to gather ideas and determine your likes and dislikes. This wide range of projects is sure to spark inspiration.

traditional hybrid timber home

“Pictures are great, but they only go so far.” If you have already seen a gazillion images, you may already know what I  mean, but let’s unpack that statement. To get inspiration and ideas, nothing beats beautiful images of Post & Beam Construction. But without reflection or a way sort through the preferences and conflicting desires, simply viewing more images may confuse things.

To address this phenomenon, you may be interested in buying our book, ‘The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing because it lays out a system to reflect and understand what you truly want- After you peruse the gallery images below of course! Oh, and by the way, the book is loaded with beautiful timber frame imagery and helpful captions!

What is Your Design Style Really?

Modern? Rustic? Something Else?...

Get the design style of your home wrong and you'll create aesthetic headaches to work around. Get the RIGHT look and things come easy.


Structural or decorative, these timbers will bring big smiles to all who enter your dwelling. Certain clients design a major interior timber package with structural timber trusses and all sorts of other timber elements – while others may choose to stick a few beams in the entryway and great room. Whatever you choose – having exposed beams of this quality…is a surefire win for enjoyment and house value.


Timbers work with virtually any design style. That’s why so many architects, builders and homeowners choose to add timbers to their homes and structures. Browse our collection of timber homes and structures for a more complete look at the many ways timbers are utilized on their own, or with other building techniques. From full timber frames to entries, trusses, porches and outdoor living, the custom designs you choose can take on a life of their own.


Professional high-grade interior and exterior timbers for commercial buildings… Whether a gorgeous timber-centric commercial design or a timber entry and porch package, the look offered by Arrow Timbers will be customized to the Architects plans – in 3D Modeling. 

Is a Single-Story Home Best for You?

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See Pictures of Custom Timber Home Projects & Patio Covers
Timber Framing
See Pictures of Custom Timber Home Projects & Patio Covers
Articles on Timber Framing
View a wide range of homes and patios using exposed beam construction. Styles range from Rustic to Modern.
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