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    After 15+ years of dedication to the craft of timber framing, there is a proven history of timber excellence. For these projects, each timber was uniquely Designed, Milled & Crafted in the Pacific Northwest – USA – for the best purposes of the location and vision of the home-owner. Many timber frame homes and structures have been built over the years. To find styles that you may enjoy, you can use the navigation by style above, or browse by project below.

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    Popular Timber Projects

    Timber Frame Homes by Design Style

    Classic Style - Arched, Graceful and Robust with curved detailing.

    Craftsman Style - Low, Cozy and Horizontal with Angular Detailing

    Modern Style - Crisp, clean and edgy with a surprise twist.

    Rustic Style - Heavy, Rugged, and Stout with a fortress theme.

    Coastal Timber Style - Diverse and Unpredictable with seaside touches.

    Euro Timber Style - Sophisticated, Curvy and Elegant with scroll detailing.

    Traditional Timber Style - Straight, simple and functional with minimal detailing.

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