Timber Frame Portfolio 

    Modern | Craftsman | Classic | Traditional | Rustic | Euro | Coastal

    After 15+ years of dedication to the craft of timber framing, there is a proven history of timber excellence. For these projects, each timber was uniquely Designed, Milled & Crafted in the Pacific Northwest – USA – for the best purposes of the location and vision of the home-owner.

    Popular Timber Projects

    Timber Frame Homes by Design Style

    Classic Style - Arched, Graceful and Robust with curved detailing.

    Craftsman Style - Low, Cozy and Horizontal with Angular Detailing

    Modern Style - Crisp, clean and edgy with a surprise twist.

    Rustic Style - Heavy, Rugged, and Stout with a fortress theme.

    Coastal Timber Style - Diverse and Unpredictable with seaside touches.

    Euro Timber Style - Sophisticated, Curvy and Elegant with scroll detailing.

    Traditional Timber Style - Straight, simple and functional with minimal detailing.

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