Modern Farmhouse Timber Frame Entry

The popularity of Modern Farmhouse homes is no secret, but the style can tend to be restrictive in terms of exteriors, albeit very attractive.

The entryway of this home featured a certain warmth, while maintaining a modern design that compliments the Farmhouse look, yet takes it in a new direction. This timber home floor plan brings an eclectic curve directly for the entryway of this home, but holds to traditional timber frame styles in the rest of the custom timber package


This timber floor plan brings elements of traditional post and beam, with an arched roof entry, with arched posts that flair to a wide base, complimenting the roof and adding visual balance and stability.

Are you a fan of Modern Farmhouse and want to bring a strength and warmth to the interior or exterior? Consider hybrid timber framing to compliment your floor plan.

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Modern Farmhouse Timber Frame Home
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Modern Farmhouse Timber Frame Home
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