Modern Northwest Contemporary Home

The synergy which created this Northwest Modern Timber Frame Project almost flamed out during the “courtship” phase.

We, ATF,  felt like we were in a crucible with the constraint of Craig’s budget squeezing on one side and the labor and cost of doing business squeezing on the other side. AND I had to sell the yet unknown cool ideas which would be born of synergy between Craig and ATF, just by talking and waving my hands.

I actually don’t know what convinced Craig to move forward.

It may be that my talking allowed him to “see around the corner.” It may be that creative pricing regarding the simplified timbers helped. It may be that discussions of different building options added more value.

I’m not sure – it was a while ago. But I do know that: A) The choices Craig made turned out stunning. B) Craig was a peach to work with from the design to the final handoff. (You can even ask Josh, our somewhat anal retentive general manager.) C) We all stretched and put forth more effort to make the money work. I can easily say we are proud to have had the opportunity to work with Craig, embellishing his timber frame and and providing suggestions for both optimized beauty and efficient construction. Thank you Craig!
Modern Northwest Contemporary Timber Home

An Architects personal home - utilizing hybrid timber framing.