Traditional Hybrid Timber Home

Remodels will many times take a life of their own. The trick is to make sure it is a happy life!

Your remodel should have you thinking positive thoughts most of the time. Our customers, Jay and Tami Houser, experienced happy remodeling when we joined their team.

We were originally called in to work with Doug at Warman Architecture. He proposed well thought-out ideas. The plan was to build an outdoor living area and big, expensive great room.

During the process, Tammy complained about her non-existent entryway, so this was added to the project. Tami and Jay focused first on the outdoor living area, entry remodel and curb appeal. Details including stone corbels and light blocks really punch up the look.

traditional hybrid timber home

Phase two added a man cave and sports car garage. Here again our forte was providing curb appeal that fits well. The Housers postponed the great room remodel. I believe this decision really helped their “happy remodel life,” as it loosened monetary constraints by reducing the scope of work. They were able to have realistic expectations and make relaxed decisions.

The unique choices people make force us to work harder and produce more ideas. The end product will always find that sweet spot!

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Traditional Hybrid Timber Home
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Traditional Hybrid Timber Home
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