Modern Style Timber Framing

Modern: Crisp, Clean, and Edgy with a Surprise Twist

Included Styles:

Industrial, Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, Vintage, and Scandinavian

Common Timber-Framing Characteristics:

Boxy, angular geometry; small/medium timber sizes;

No detailing, scroll cuts, or chamfering;

Sparse timber population density;

Space volume which is high, airy, and buoyant.

See a Modern Timber Frame House Plan

If “modern” were a person, or a client of yours, you would probably notice a restless, curious openness- a desire to try new things.

You would probably see formal, cutting edge attire with a flash of color or some other form of surprise.

“Modern” might be accompanied by a Chihuahua or bull terrier and be very interested in art, civic duty, or fundraising for charity.

If “Modern” had a pet peeve in might be: Apathy or lack of daring. Or perhaps simply clutter?