Craftsman Style Timber Framing

Craftsman Style: Low, Cozy, and Horizontal with Angular Detailing

Included Styles:

Bungalow, Cottage, Southwest and Western Ranch

Common Craftsman Timber-Framing Characteristics:

Angular detailing at beam ends and tapered rafters or top chords.

The truss bottom chords and king post will often sport tapered steps and notches-but never too busy!

Oftentimes, beam end detailing and timber orientation is used to embellish the strong horizontal emphasis associated with Craftsman style.

See a Craftsman Timber Frame Floor Plan

See Craftsman Timber Frame Homes built by Arrow Timber Framing. The Craftsman home design style has many elements that draw from various periods of history – and it is up for interpretation to an extent, but you will see certain roof pitches, truss styles and timber sizes that have commonalities with other Craftsman floor plans.

Bold styling that combines metal brackets with heavy timbers in a craftsman vernacular. This rambling single story timber frame home is an industrial chalet that provides plenty of possibilities for entertaining.

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Craftsman Style Timber Framing
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Craftsman Style Timber Framing
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