The Rustic Natural Home

The Rustic Natural Home

“You really are more than just a timber framer. It must be a lot of fun to help pull things together!” the owner told us. Pulling things together is our specialty here at ATF. It’s important because post-and-beam construction will have a huge impact on how a project looks and feels. It’s a focal point, so it has to be just right!

Everything has to be in perfect balance. Wall heights, roof slopes, roof profiles, textures, colors, etc. are all considered to create personalized timber packages.

Floor plan & Design by Arrow Timber Framing and Design Solutions

Square Feet: 4,819 | Bedrooms: 3 | Bathrooms: 5 | Price Range: $1,000k-1,500k (Turnkey)

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Working with the ATF Team, you will receive the highest level of support in every phase of the project, from our initial brainstorming session to managing the project through completion. You will experience the rewards of post and beam construction throughout the entire journey. We work relentlessly, like a dog on a bone, to produce exactly the results you expect, so you are completely satisfied with the results. Ready to get started?