Alaskan Cape Cod

“When we saw the 3-D model, we knew we had to have those timbers—”

This riverfront home contrasts white trim with the dark-stained timbers. This is a fully hybrid-optimized timber home.

Located on the banks of an Alaskan river, timbers are incorporated to a beautiful effect.

Our Timber Frame Houses & Structures Portfolio shows the start of what's possible with design.

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“I’m going to pay for my timber frame one fish at a time.”

This statement and moment in time has been etched into my memory. The timber frame project was about 75% erected, and the owner was going fishing! The average summer haul on Dave’s commercial fishing boat would cover the timberframe investment, so he had motivation!

Dave’s builder, Jim, contacted us to tap into our expertise in planning, tools, and engineering. Once we got involved, we were able to contribute ideas to make Dave and his wife, Deidre’s, home even better.

What things do you notice that might explain categorizing this unique project as Alaskan Cape Cod?

As we worked to get our clients a unique look, here are some of the elements we added: 

  • Big timbers with elegant, blocky detailing such as curves ending with prominent right angles. 
  • Trim, shakes, windows, and silhouette reminiscent of a Victorian Cape Cod beach house. 
  • Larger-than-life Alaskan-style interiors and exterior presentation. 
  • Massive wood mantel feature which creates space for the entertainment center and supports the main ridge beam post.
  • Seafaring loft with a handcrafted wooden ladder.
This rugged hybrid timber frame home can proudly settle into the most spartan climates and terrains while providing all the amenities of an uncompromised modern lifestyle.
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