Cruz Timber Makeover

“That is not even the same house!” Accused one commenter on Facebook After viewing the before and after photos.

This disbelief is Testament to the power of focused teamwork during a Post and Beam Makeover.

In the beginning, the heavy lifting was done by the owners and the ATF design team. The decisions and teamwork didn’t stop there however. The mill sawyer and shop artisans had to craft and time their work with the general contractor’s schedule.

Kari and Jason both had clear idea of what they wanted- they were on the same page.

Story of the Remodel

As is often the case, this Makeover started with the smaller objective of just adding an entry roof.

But once ideas were tried in the 3-D model, the benefits of doing a holistic Makeover were very obvious. Jason and Kari made good decisions from start to finish of their project. They loved the concept of widening and raising the center dormer to create a visual hierarchy. The new shorter window in the center dormer made space for a more attractive entry roof with a steeper slope.

Heavy tapered entry posts with knee braces allowed for bigger visual impact with the entry roof “bumping” out. Once this was done the big blank garage was just SCREAMING for attention! A simple false gable and step out at the peak decorated with light trusses completed the look.

Clear focused teamwork again brought incredible results!