Veach Residence


“I want it Big, I want it Rustic. Really Big.” These were the words that Ron gave us to work with as we designed the timbers for his complex. When the planning for the Veach Residence began, the Arrow Design team knew that this would be something different. Mr. Veach is the owner of Tuscany Homes, so after years of building experience, he knew exactly what he wanted for his own home.

Designing this project was especially fun since it was a spread out ranch with a rustic style – Truly a one of a kind project.

When we started the design, we worked off of the existing house plans. The architect already had house plans for the building, but we drew it up in our 3-D modeling program.

It was fortunate that we did, since we caught a design problem with the vaulted ceiling – it was unbuildable the way it was designed. In the end we made just a few modifications to the architect’s floor plan, and all of the beams fit right in!