A Neighborhood of Timber Homes

Take a look at these 4 different home plans, all featuring exposed beam construction – but in their own unique styles.

Styles include elements from: Coastal, Modern, Classic, Euro, Traditional and Craftsman.

Although there is a rustic element, none of the homes go for a fully “rustic” look, yet they have that natural strength that post and beam construction brings!

The ability to fully customize a timber frame package based on your floor plan gives a completely thought-out and personalized look to your home. This neighborhood was built by Cascade West Construction, and they did an excellent job utilizing hybrid timber framing to bring artistic elements to their floor plan designs.

Watch the video to see Bert explain the varying timber styles and how they match with the stonework, roof-lines, and overall feel of the homes. You’ll also see shops that have timber frame elements included, which continues the theme of the house to the shop.

home shop and driveway

Our Timber Frame Houses & Structures Portfolio shows the start of what's possible with design.

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Coastal Modern Home

A perfect example of how exposed beam construction works with virtually any home style!

This floor plan, by Cascade West Development, was designed with the “Coastal Modern” architecture style in mind. This means some sparse and clean elements, yet with rustic coastal touches.

In this video, you’ll learn about the design of the entryway timbers, as well as the spacing of the interior painted trusses. Both Bert and the homeowners, Jason and Kathy, will discuss the challenges and triumphs from building this beautiful home.

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How to Stand Out in a Neighborhood of Homes
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Using Timber Framing to accentuate your home style is an excellent way to stand out in a neighborhood, while maintaining a cohesive look and feel. This neighborhood utilizes multiple timber styles to great effect.
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