Imagine This: You have a special team assembled around your kitchen table. Sketch pads, portfolios, color swatches, and laptops are spread out and ready to engage in creating a Timber Design Master Plan to transform your entryway, kitchen, outdoor living area, etc… The stage is set and the team is ready.

You can anticipate seeing the different results and ideas that this highly focused effort will produce for you. Different ideas. New combinations. Fun surprises. But are you fully prepared? Follow these simple steps to make this process fun and simple:


Step 1 Request your timber planning guide from Arrow Timber Framing, then:

– Step 1: Begin to identify what you may want
– Step 2: Describe who you are and your values
– Step 3: Detail what type of atmosphere you want and document your lifestyle

Step 2: Send pictures, sketches, and rough dimensions of the area you would like to concentrate on. Also include:
– What you dislike about the existing space.
– Activities the space is used for.
– What you would like to achieve with your new design
I will then distribute this information to the appropriate team members. Also send your completed e-course sections as you finish them. This makes life easier for the both of us.

Step 3: Communicate with your team.
True artists are motivated by the joy of inspiration, creativity, and gratitude. Letting them know what you hope to achieve with your project will give your team greater motivation because the target will be clear. The more information you communicate, the better your results will be.

Are there any factors that might increase the enthusiasm of your instant design team? Be sure to let them know!

Some great examples could be:

– How long you’ve wanted to do something like this?
– Who do you intend to enjoy this space with?
– Activities you will host?
– Personal feeling you hope to enjoy?
– The statement your makeover should send to you and your guests?
– You can also include more practical information:
– What kind of budget are you planning on?
– Date you need this done?
– How do you go about making investment decisions?
– What is the best way to establish trust and move forward?

The most important factor for many clients has been figuring out what they want and then going for it! For others, establishing trust has been the first and most important influence in moving forward. I’ve found that trust is earned and demonstrated in actions such as putting more effort into understanding your needs and giving you thoughtful suggestions.

An example of this occurred when a client asked me to build a circular timber framed stairway. This was to be in the foyer of a non-profit ministry’s group. The plans were already completed and the work was in progress. In fact, the reason we were called in was because two metal stair fabricators had failed to come through for one reason or another, and the person in charge knew that we could get the job done.

I sat down to figure out the best way to replace the metal stairs with timber stairs, but the parameters were simply too wide. I didn’t know enough about how they wanted their space to feel when all was complete. After locating the ministry designer and asking her about color, flooring, decor and so forth, I kept hearing “Home. I want it to feel like home when you walk in the door.” Now, this foyer was a 25’x25′ concrete and glass box with a 22′ high ceiling and had a very commercial feel.

About five minutes after hanging up the phone, inspiration struck! What about replacing the circular stairway with a timbered second level to create a cozy coffee bar and a toy/play area below for children? Warm beams, radiant lights, and kids toys. Maybe a couple of recliners to sit in and read while children play. I like to focus on the joy of a good solution – one that never fails to elicit smiles of appreciation. We ended up with happy clients and a trust built for life.
The more information you have compiled about your needs and influencing factors, the better your chances of getting an enjoyable and lasting Master Plan. The information you gather will be extremely valuable even if you choose not to participate in an intense brainstorming session. Your communication with me, your interior designer, and any other service providers you hire will be much easier, more effective and immensely appreciated.

Think how much fun surprises you can get by setting the creative stage for your home. You can quickly uncover a truly personalized timber design that fits you to a tee.

We hope to see a request from you soon!

To your momentum,

Bert Sarkkinen


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