Grandview Gorge Dwelling

The Pinebrook Homestead

The die has been cast. The truss style was set. Now, where to add timbers to unify the whole theme? Everything had to come together. The had to be a complete, unified whole. The gable truss above the entry was a no-brainer. The garage was relatively easy, aside from modifying the roof. The surprising problem was the corbels on the upper dormer.

There were buildability issues which didn’t affect the timbers but would mar the beauty of the facade. Working with the builder and architect, the roof lines and walls were adjusted. That is what the ATF process is about: A beautiful, balanced end product.

Floor plan & Design by Arrow Timber Framing and Design Solutions

Square Feet: 5,046 | Bedrooms: 4 | Bathrooms: 4 | Price Range: $1000k-1500k

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