The statement that a home makes can be a very subjective, broad topic and is influenced by many factors, including the personality and needs of the homeowners.

This report will touch on some examples of general messages and themes, give you an adjective/noun screening exercise, and ask you to state the message of your home.

You are the expert of and the biggest contributor to your home’s message. Your values and personality are reflected in your home. You will find the question “What do I stand for?” will help you to find that many of the adjectives you would use for yourself can easily transfer into your home.

Read through the following lists of words. As you look at each of these word groups with an unbiased approach, highlight which words stand out to you the most. We will use these in a moment.

1. Flexible, relaxed, active, fresh, upstanding, local setting, well-planned, unfettered, plain, welcoming, utilitarian, unoffensive, general, congruent

2. Meticulous, diverse, vibrant, territorial, thoughtful, exclusive, stylish, sensible, modern, antique, collection, well-meaning, chic, classy

3. Secure, secluded, active, vast, castle, open, unshakable, generous, centered, subdued, private, controlled, cautious, solid, peaceful, homestead, inspiring, wise, formidable, jagged, refuge, towering, shelter

4. Hardworking, practical, random, simple, effective, rustic, worn, easy, no-frills, industrious, prairie, helpful, country, neutral, sprawling, random, spontaneous

After reading the above word groups, choose the one group that you feel appeals to you the most. Once you’ve chosen a group of words, find the corresponding Home Theme below.

Examples of Home Themes

1. Modest: A home or structure with a modest theme will be located in a more humble setting, such as a middle class neighborhood or rural location. The design itself will originally be modest and moderate in size, as well as the surrounding landscape. Many times the layout will feel utilitarian though cozy, in overall size as well as the use of space. A home with a modest theme may have a relaxed feel, which can help visitors to feel at ease in your home. Tones and hues are mostly comfortable, uncluttered and straightforward.

2. Sophisticated: An elegant feeling to a home is usually found in a prestigious neighborhood or on a secluded estate. Rich, subtle colors and lighting will reflect the occupants’ class and style. This style is not constrained to be either large or small, but is more defined by its balance of architecture, tidy surroundings, and richer choices of building materials and colors, which convey subtle complexity and elegance.

3. Fortress: The planner of a fortress themed home will be very careful and thorough. Exposed to high winds, heavy snow or other natural phenomena, these structures need a solid foundation and logical planning to offer security in harsh elements. The fortress theme is inspiring and encourages guests to congregate, to enjoy its’ beauty and security. Therefore, it is no surprise that many lodges and resorts incorporate this style into their design, as they require more space and are quite expansive. This theme will typically have a stout, rustic flavor but interior design options, are not constrained to a certain style because timbers do not cover the entire wall and ceiling. Faux painting, wallpaper, modern art, and a wide range of colors can accentuate your theme for spectacular results.

4. Pragmatic: A project or home with a pragmatic theme is usually a ranch, or country or farm home. These homes are built with industriousness in mind. Because practicality takes precedence over elegance, these simple designs have their own style. A pragmatic theme strictly adheres to a principle which guides everyone, regardless of background or occupation: “We do what works.” This is an honest and straightforward style, in which the reasoning of the builder can be easily retracted. Folks visiting this type of home may feel compelled to roll up their sleeves and pitch in!

Although it’s impossible to include every single style and theme that is available in the market today, we hope this report is helpful to you and your family as you begin to envision what your home could be. Use this tool to find the message you want to convey in your home and call us when you’re ready to get started!

– Bert Sarkkinen