Timber Planning for Couples

Attention, guys! A special day is just around the corner…


When was the last time you heard squeals of delight from your better half?

What is it that makes your sweetheart tick, anyway?

What wouldn’t you give to hit a guaranteed home run with her?

You have a daunting task in front of you…

What are you going to do?

YOU are expected to be original, to get her something she likes (without asking her, of course!)

You’ve been together long enough that you should know what she likes and doesn’t like.

You need to surprise her, and show your sensitivity in how you prepare, bundle, and present your gift to her.

Can you imagine a special gift that will put you on Easy Street for many years to come? Now, roses, chocolate, jewelry and cruises are predictable and are only enjoyed for a very short time…sure you can get her those, but what is going to make her remember this Valentine’s day forever?

Can you imagine her telling her friends, “Oh yes, Jim had this timber entry remodel done for me, in 2014, for a special Valentine’s Day gift”?  (What she really means: See how much Jim loves me!)

Value skyrockets when you consider:

1) The happiness a woman feels when she can improve something which is deeply personal to her, AND

2) The fact that you will get a return on your investment if you ever sell your home.

3) You both enjoy living with a unique timber package that you designed together. It’s a win-win situation!

What I’m getting at here, guys, is that you can get creative this year with your sweetheart’s gift. By adding timber elements to your new construction plans or remodel you can accomplish the following:

1. Create a lasting testament to remind her of how much she means to you.

2. Set the tone for years to come… Once you prove that you care for her and she can see it, you can have less than stellar performance because she knows that you care about her.

3. Create value by investing in your home or vacation house.

4. Enjoy the feel of coming home, the magnetism that balanced, earthy beams create. To enjoy living and entertaining… Using your new timbered living space to its fullest.

5. This can also be your gift… Just make sure your wife gets what she wants and knows that she is the priority.

Why I’m proposing this unique gift offer:

Well, I’m just a regular guy, an incurable timber framing enthusiast, and a husband who has messed up important dates before!

This is a fun way to help out guys like myself who have been less than perfect in expressing their thanks and appreciation to the person who knows them  best and cares for them in so many ways.

I really feel like the solid, lasting mentality that accompanies timber framing is deeply rooted in commitment, security, longevity, stability, and community. All of these aspects dovetail nicely with special occasions: reaffirming commitment, showing appreciation, solidifying relationships…

I want to be proactive in earning the right to serve you. And in that spirit, The ATF Guaranteed Design/Build Process was born. So you can move forward with your plans and face no RISK!

There are 3 ways to begin the process of exploring ideas with your spouse.

Valentines Day Offer

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