Almost everything in this world requires maintenance. Roads, bridges, buildings, construction equipment, cars and even your health! Yet we have a tendency to avoid it all costs.

Maintaining Timbers:
This article is intended to help you in two ways. The first section will expose this aversion we subconsciously associate with maintenance, and provide you with fun alternatives to accomplish your maintenance goals. The second section will give you practical tips on how to maintain your beautiful timbers!

Part I (there doesn’t seem to be a part 2…)
Why does the mind revolt at the thought of maintenance? Maybe it’s the monotonous never ending cycle, the lack of accomplishment afterwards or a loss in urgency as time goes on. One thing is certain. Ownership of anything requires responsibility and maintenance.

Maintaining Timbers: Maintenance can actually be a blessing
Last summer, my son and I toured, the beautiful city Estonia. Our guide told us how up until 1998, Estonia was under Soviet rule. Roads were crummy, houses were dilapidated, and everything was in a state of disrepair. Under Soviet rule, the government could order you to move to a different location on a dime. If you had put time and energy into maintaining your home, a government official could then enjoy the fruits of your labor without even a Thank You. You can imagine now, why the city was in such disrepair. This is a good reminder for us the next time we have to take care of that menial task around the house. Gratitude is a powerful tool in getting things done.

Here are a few ways to add happy into our maintenance:

Maintaining timbers: What’s our resolution?
Change your attitude
If you can isolate the core reason for hating maintenance, you then have the opportunity to change your mindset. For example, if you see maintenance as a boring task, reframe it in your mind as an important accomplishment.
Save and delegate
What if you saved a small amount each month toward future maintenance items? This would make it easier for you to hire out those maintenance tasks without feeling guilty for not doing it yourself.
Make it a social occasion
As a group, you’ll knock it out in no time! Pooling your efforts makes the time fly by and creates great memories. You’ll also notice higher productivity due to increased focus and no procrastination. You can also play to one another’s strengths. If you enjoy yard work and your friend enjoys handyman repairs, you can both focus on your specialties without worrying about the other.

– Bert Sarkkinen


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