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Every cut made to an Arrow Timber is done by professional timber artisans. There is no computer-run CNC machinery cutting timbers, these are real traditional joinery techniques done with the finest powered saws and hand tools.

Arrow Timber Designs and Crafts Both:

Structural Post & Beam Timbers

Decorative (Non Structural) Timber Features

When considering wood species and textures for your post and beam project, everyone uses different criteria to make a decision.

Some of you crave technical information, such as a cost-benefit analysis. Some of you will be making decisions largely on appearance. Some customers want the contractor to recommend a product. Without knowing anything about your project, I can offer you a catch-all recommendation:

Use Douglas fir in a roughsawn tex ture for the exterior, and a smooth texture for the interior.

Regarding the recommended textures, the logic is quite simple. Exterior timbers with a rough-sawn texture absorb much more stain or protective coating than a smooth timber will. This means less maintenance for you! For your interior, smooth texture will give you and your interior designer the most flexibility.

There are other options: Circle-sawn and band-milled timbers lend themselves to a lodge or Western ranch style of decor. Hand hewn texture will be reminiscent of old colonial buildings or old European structures as timbers were finished with a broad ax in times past. Smooth timbers can fit any decor. Either a rustic or old world atmosphere can be achieved with smooth timbers. It’s just that you will need to work a bit harder with your colors, flooring, lighting, and furnishings.

Proven Timber Artisans

Dedicated and detailed timber craftsmanship from an elite team.

  • Free of Heart (FOH) Timbers
  • Expert Joinery Techniques Including:
    • Mortise and Tenon
    • Dovetail
    • Scarf Joints
    • Custom Machined Plates

Interested in a timber project?


Whether you’re highly familiar with timber framing, or just interested in the look and feel, we can provide advice, cost ranges and insight.


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