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About this Timber Truss

If you are the type of person who is un pretentious and straight forward the simple truss may capture your personality well.

The no frills solution this truss presents is ideal in many situations, especially as a second act. Such as behind a more ornate hammer beam front truss for example. We have often used the simple truss with a steeper pitch and hand hewn texture with the Euro style for small spans. A simple truss bigger than a 12#39; span’ would begin to look empty in the middle of the truss. But for the modern timber truss style, that “emptiness” could be described as “clean” and be just the right look!

The size of the simple truss is limited to the load bearing capacity of its top member- this means your typical truss span will max out around 30’. Unless of course, the top chord grows to whopping dimensions! Which brings us back to, what is artistic balanced beauty to you? Maybe the look you are after is heavy bulk for the top members and a stainless steel cable replacing the horizontal bottom cord? You are the boss. As your guide, we’ll help you sort that out.

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Simple Truss - Timber Frame Trusses
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Simple Truss - Timber Frame Trusses
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Attractive traditional truss, best used in smaller applications. The size of the simple truss is limited to the load bearing capacity of its diagonal members, since it doesn’t have webs;
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