The Sierra Ridge Rambler

The Sierra Ridge Rambler

 Barely audible over the construction noise, I heard him walk up behind me. “We’ve got to make the great room beefier.”

I turned and straightened up. He continued, “what do you think about pushing this wall out and applying another truss here?” (he knew I would not say yes, simply to sell more timber, and had always looked out for his interests). I walked around and nodded slowly. It would be a good improvement.

Floor plan & Design by Arrow Timber Framing and Scott Forgacs Design

Square Feet: 3,797 | Bedrooms: 3 | Bathrooms: 3 


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Classic & Craftsman Timber Frame Home
Timber Framing
Classic & Craftsman Timber Frame Home
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This floor plan brings elements of Craftsman and Classic Timber Framing.
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