What Do You Really Want? The design is very subjective and influenced by many factors including your personality and identity. This guide will define some examples of timber frame styles, give you an adjective-noun screening exercise, and ask you some quick questions to help you define the overall look and feel of your future project.

Your values are reflected in your project. If you do some introspection into what you stand for, you will find that many of the adjectives used to describe yourself can be applied to your timber framing project.


Read through the following list of nouns and adjectives aloud or by silently scanning each word, and try to be non-judgmental in your reading. Use a stream-of-consciousness approach, so that you let the words be simply registered but not thought about. Mark the words you like. It’s important to do this BEFORE EVEN LOOKING at step #2 to avoid incomplete results. Try to finish this step in less than  2 minutes!