About 4 years ago, I put together a vacation retreat package to post on our website. I wanted to target future building trends, for a couple of reasons: First, because exercising design creativity is always fun. Second, I wanted to prove to myself that the demand for timber framing would not suddenly drop as trends evolved. I envisioned a mixture of the old with the new, and we called it the Ryordan Package.
To help us expand on the package details, I’ve asked Garrison of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design to answer some of your decor questions and give us some tips:
Garrison prides his success on three factors: 1) Intelligent questioning, 2) Attentive listening, and 3) Creative versatile solutions. Not at all unlike the team here at ATF! So be sure to take notes on the valuable information Garrison has provided for us!
– ATF: How can customers use color to play up the open feel of the main rooms in the Ryordan plan?
– GH: Many times the main rooms will have the largest portion of windows and natural light. This gives us an opportunity to add more saturated color in furniture and rugs. Using a more subtle contrast between a wood floor and a rug will help give the space an open feeling and allows you to add art with color or other items such as pillows and accessories.

– ATF: Customers often own family heirloom furnishings that they’d like to display, but don’t want the decor to seem too formal. How can we incorporate favorite personal items into interior design?
– GH: It is not uncommon for us to utilize family heirlooms in our space planning for our clients. We suggest creating a mix of new items with the old that make the heirloom a conversation piece, but don’t make it feel like it’s out of place in the room.

– ATF: How can customers use textures to give a more modern feel?
– GH: Modern textures are typically more simple and sleek, like subtle leather and smooth finished concrete, so I’d say err on the side of only a few textures.

The Ryordan Plan’s Great Room

– ATF: Customers will need window coverings, but still want to show off the large windows in the Ryordan plan. What are some good options, especially for windows that are irregularly shaped?
– GH: This can be an expensive part of your budget. We work closely with our clients to ensure they are able to see a couple different options on how to best control light and privacy issues.

– ATF: What should customers look for when picking large appliances?
– GH: I suggest to our clients to examine the way they use their appliances. If your family likes to shop more frequently for fresh produce and not buy in bulk you can focus on appliances that will help you keep your produce fresh. Also, I recommend looking at appliances that are energy efficient.

Ryordan House Plan Interior Elevations
ATF: What should customers look for in plumbing and lighting fixtures to add to a traditional modern style?
GH: A clean and sleek look can be achieved by sticking with fixtures that have simple angles and lines but give you high usability. I would recommend staying away from trends that you might see in a Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn store…many times these trends are short-lived and you end up spending the money in a few years to replace these fixtures.

ATF: Many customers like a modern look, but don’t want it to seem cold. How can flooring change the feel in a home?
GH: Each individual may find different finishes and materials give them a better feeling. You’re not going to know what you like until you do some investigating in showrooms.

ATF: What options should customers consider for wall coverings and ceiling finishes?
GH: We would suggest staying away from bold patterns or painted accent walls. If you’re unsure of your look and aren’t working with a professional, then leaning towards the safe side is always going to pay off in the end.

ATF: Many customers do a lot of entertaining. How can interior design make a home more welcoming?
GH: Make sure that you incorporate “you” into your design. Infuse it with your personality, and make sure that you have enough seating so your guests feel welcome.

Professional design makes a space feel welcoming.
ATF: We’d like some tips on traditional modern kitchen design. Can you give us some ideas for mixing some formal elements with some surprises?
GH: Surprises come in the use of materials. Keep in mind that you want long-lasting finishes in your kitchen. Engage professionals that will stand behind their work and can suggest the use of concrete and other solid surfaces that can add interest to your traditional space. like a modern look, but don’t want it to seem cold.
– Bert Sarkkinen


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