Timberline Lodge Entry Kiosk

A person knows old history when they see it. One can almost relive the lives of bygone artisans, architects, planners and tradesmen by touring structures which have been built by them.

It is hard to describe the feeling of having had the opportunity to make a small contribution to the Timberline Lodge Story. The Timberline Lodge Project was an exciting project for the whole Arrow Team. From start to finish everyone pulled together to produce a finely crafted timber structure to guide travelers on Highway 26 to the famous historical landmark.

Our designer here at Arrow Timber had always admired Timberline Lodge so he was especially relieved when the forest service engineer approved his suggestion to eliminate the unsightly bright metal clips that had been originally planned in exchange for more traditional mortise and tenon joinery even though it added many hours of labor!

Perhaps the picture published in our local newspaper best sums up the feelings of teamwork and exuberance we experienced when installing the cupola at the peak of the structure 40 feet in the air … At last! We did it!

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