Tapio Residence

The Tapio Residence has one of the highest “Timber Frame per square inch” densities of any project we’ve dealt with! It was a real joy to design this project, since the more timbers a house contains, the more fun it is for us to design! The project was incomprehensibly more complex to design than its successors, since it was designed without the use of a 3-D modeling program.

timber framed kitchen beams
classic homes
timber gable

We did draw it up in our program afterwards, only because it was so impressive that wanted to be able to show a full 3-D model of the house to our clients. One of our designer’s original pencil sketches is shown in the first image. You will notice that the third picture is a screenshot of the 3-D model we drew up afterwards.

Our Timber Frame Home Post & Beam Portfolio shows the breadth of post and beam options available to you.

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