The Summit Grove Lodge

The planning and building of the Summit Grove Lodge was really gratifying. The team of architects, landscape designers, and builders were all dialed in to making Summit Grove a classy place to hold events. The Lodge was refurbished from an old roadhouse that used to be right beside I-5 many years ago. People would stop by for a meal and to tank up their cars. The old gas pump stand is one of the remnants of the original roadhouse.

Another component of the old roadhouse that was salvaged is the doors on the main entrance under the porte cochere. The foreman on the job reported that working with the huge beams was as scary as it was gratifying. The entire porte cochere, made of beams up to 24 inches in diameter, was built up on ground and test fit before being disassembled and carefully lifted onto the rock support columns.

The landscaping is phenomenal! Waterfalls, nature paths, old logs, and wild strawberries create a distinct Northwestern oasis. We had fun working with logs, timbers, steel, and unique branches to help the team pull this gargantuan project together.

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