The Hockinson Gazebo

A Community Donation. . . A local business in Hockinson with aspirations to dress up the community approached us with the idea of rebuilding the Hockinson Gazebo. The energetic owner of this painting company in town wanted to make some improvements that reflected the close-knit sentiments of the community.

The Gazebo was built in the 70’s as a memorial structure for young men who had died in Vietnam. It was becoming old and rotting, so it needed more than a facelift. We agreed to do the project for 30% of retail, which was in essence pro-bono. The business owner had no problem getting the donations to cover the 30%.

Hockinson’s county commissioner was happy to see the memorial being rebuilt, since the old one had been so dangerous with a risk of having it collapse. Not everybody was happy to see the old memorial go though.

As we started chopping down the old gazebo with chain-saws the principal of the school looked out his window. It was the middle of the summer, so he was the only one in the school. He came running out the door with his arms in the air yelling “Stop! Stop! That’s our memorial!”

After talking with some of the county’s board members, the principal better understood our intentions. But – we’ll never forget the look on his face when he came rushing out the door!

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