Brandenburg Residence

The Brandenburg Residence brings the best in euro and classic timber design together with a darker finish for an elegant look. There is a vast openness to the timbers with powerful strength. This is a one-of-a-kind home with a stunning timber look.
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Our Clients, Architects and Builders all bring different ideas, values, and tastes to the table.

Which in turn produces challenges, inspiration and synergy. Barry and Leatha Brandenberg are no different. Their wish list included an entry with good curb appeal – something to set the tone. They also wanted the ability to see all the way through to the back view, as well as a big, strong wood presence at the back patio.

I would like to call your attention to the front entry. It has three hidden “control knobs” which can be adjusted to fit a wide range of styles.

First are the two inside posts. They give us more visual mass, and trick our eye into seeing proportions closer to the golden ratio. The short beams pointing inward are second. These beams can be raised or lowered to help the truss look right. It is especially important where a truss could otherwise look out of proportion.

The third “control knob” is the base. Adjusting height and visual weight at the base is especially helpful when things feel too tall and spindly.

This is also a place to influence style by choosing veneer treatments such as brick, stone, cement or siding.

Adjusting these three factors gives every ATF project a well-balanced feel. The most important factor, though, is always the client!

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