Curve Appeal in Palmer AK

This residence in Palmer Alaska softens and sophisticates the angular modern architecture with modern timber framing, utilizing curved beams and steel pipes. Visitors have no question of being welcome or where to enter the home – with the victory posts holding up a soft-curved entry roof. The garage features a similar curve, but incorporates corbels with decorative steel supports.

The back porch takes its cue from the victory entry, but on a MUCH bigger scale to match the big view it frames from the lakeside. Massive curved beams span this strong yet inviting back porch – strengthening the “curve appeal”.

Built in Collaboration w/ Wirtanen Custom Homes

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Curved Timbers - Modern Craftsman Timber Home
Timber Framing
Curved Timbers - Modern Craftsman Timber Home
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A Modern timber home with Craftsman elements. Lots of curve appeal.
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