Timber Frame Man Cave

“An Old Mining Cabin. I’m trying to replicate an Old Mining Cabin.” These were the marching orders given to me by this wealthy client.

Keep in mind, this project started out to be just some Timber Beam accents combined with traditional stick-framed carpentry. But-After touring one of our past projects, the scope of work changed radically. The mission had become 50 times bigger. So we set out to replicate an Old Mining Cabin, albeit on a grander scale.

The access road to this man-cave also mimicked a mining trail. Steep. Windy. Narrow.

Getting these Mammoth sized trusses to the site was quite the experience! We seriously thought about using his helicopter. But that’s another story. I can tell it to you personally sometime.

This “Tree Fort” as the owner likes to say is undoubtedly the most massive project of its kind. The man-cave functions as Helicopter/Ferrari parking garage, an entertainment room, a bar, and more. The owner also requested that a model train with train tracks running the perimeter of the man cave be installed! This project serves to show that the child never grows out of a person.

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