Euro Craftsman Residence

This gorgeous one-story timber frame home has elements from two contrasting design styles: euro and craftsman. This brings elegance, yet in a reserved, subtle fashion. 

The darker tones of the timbers compliment the stonework and landscaping naturally, providing a sense of continuity and balance from front to back.  


euro craftsman residence

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The Process

I would love to tell you how infallible the ATF team is and how you can expect a dramatic “home run” with everything we do. That is not the case. Sometimes we have to do the hard work and walk the ball through the infield, through the outfield and drop it over the fence.

The outcome is the same. The “home run” (artistic, balanced timbers that provide long-term value) is achieved, but the hard work is painfully evident without fanfare. This “home run” does not portray us as outstanding, brave heroes – but that is OK. “Call a spade, a spade.” I say. We are not the heroes. You and clients like the owners of this project need to be firmly in the hero’s seat. Our job is to act as creative guides who can competently perform the required work.

With this particular project, the hard work occured amidst stages of communication throughout the project. I was unclear explaining and confirming the details of what would be included and how much money would have to be invested. Part of the confusion was caused by over communication. Things moved from simple to complex… “Boo! Hiss! Thumbs down!” Another communication glitch happened with the framers who installed the timbers.

The particulars of this miscommunication and resulting problem are not important. What is important is that we learned from this experience and took ownership.

We apologized and suggested adding interior timbers for the owners of this project – at no additional cost. The gesture moved and delighted them!

Now, if that is not a long educational walk to manually achieve a “home run”, I don’t know what is! It is also worth noting how the pain of fixing has disappeared for both the clients and us. We both have good memories. Sometimes in life, we must create our home runs – the hard way.

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