Bethany Vineyard

The Bethany Vineyard Event Pavilion was a one-of-a-kind project.

When the pavilion was being raised, the Columbian newspaper came out to watch the main truss lifted into place.

At 3400 pounds and 50 feet wide, it was definitely a sight worth watching! Now the Bethany Vineyard Pavilion will be used for weddings, wine tasting, and other events.

This project also features a timber-framed stage and floating gazebo.

Our Timber Frame Houses & Structures Portfolio shows the start of what's possible with design.

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Bethany Vineyard - Timber Frame Winery
Timber Framing
Bethany Vineyard - Timber Frame Winery
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A gorgeous timber frame winery based on Bethany Vineyard in SW WA featuring timber structures.
Bert Sarkkinen
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