The Project Owner

Initiating the Vision

You are considering how to achieve optimal beauty through post and beam construction on your home, but where do you begin?

“I just wanted to thank Arrow Timber Framing for the outstanding job you did on my timber framed pavilion. I cannot tell you how much we enjoy the work of art that you designed, and the craftsmanship that you were able to put into our structure at our home. You have a skill that is hard to find these days. In addition, everyone that sees it is amazed at both your design, and your quality.”.

Mike Richart

“We were happy to have gotten to know Bert better throughout the process and we were left feeling like we had made a new friend. We look forward to many years of enjoyment from Arrow Timber Framing’s craftsmanship. We would highly recommend Arrow for any project you may be considering.”

Doug and Juliana Pearson

To help you on your journey, we have developed some well-organized tools to maintain control of your project and work effectively with your entire team including your architect and builder. If you need architects and builders for your project, we are more than glad to recommend one of our many trusted partners.

Collaborative Preparation

For planning, we recommend that you start researching and defining what you like. Defining what you truly want and need is a complex process. Post and beam construction, while stunning, is comprised of timbers that can have an outsized effect on your overall design. When you build a 3D Model with Arrow Timber you can do 3D walkthroughs in the decision-making process.

The Hybrid Timber Frame Process 

One way to expedite the planning of your project and ensure you can secure your place on our schedule is to schedule a 30 to 90 minute, complimentary brainstorming session. We recommend you also download the Design Style Quiz, our most comprehensive guide that offers the highest level of detail in planning, managing and executing your post and beam dream! The steps will help you protect your time and bottom line. These have been time-tested and include how to work with ATF, your architect and builder.

We encourage you to explore our work, learn about timber truss styles and 7 basic design styles to get the conversation started.

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Frequent Questions from Homeowners

Do you come visit my house or property?
After the first meeting which is typically at our shop we usually plan on taking a site visit, either for measurements, or just to get an overall feel of the property.
How much value will this add to my house?
Though value can be quantified many different ways, we’ve had builders tell us that they have seen a higher return on the homes with timber framing in a 30-50% higher return on the timbers.
Can I remodel with Timbers?
Yes – you’d be amazed at the possibilities uncovered by our timber design & remodel process. Read about Timber Remodeling or take a look at this remodel project.
Do you build the whole home start to finish?
One of our strengths is we know where we provide the best value, and that’s with Design and Timber Framing. Essentially we wear two hats. During the planning phase we wear the design hat, and during the build we put on our specialty subcontractor hat. By keeping our focus lasered in on those areas where we excel, we typically don’t do the whole construction start to finish. However, we work seamlessly with general contractors, architects, engineers and homeowners like yourself!
Do I need an architect or designer?
Your timber design options should be as flexible as possible and we value working with all people involved in the project. If you have a plan, or an architect that you would like to work already, that is great. We will work with your team to help you get the right timber look. Some clients prefer a one-stop shop. You can get our recommendations for General Contractors, Architects and Designers that are highly skilled in working with hybrid timber homes.

Read the Inspiration Report about making the right hires. 

How much will this cost?
Trying to answer this question prematurely, is the easiest way to face a construction malpractice suit. Buyers should understand the wide variety of options available to them so they do not kill their dreams prematurely, or face budget pain down the road.