– With Stan Homola and Mastercraft Masonry

As you know, I have been on the record as an advocate for sustainable green building. To me, sustainable means money savings, energy savings, and headache-free longevity. In other words, it must make sense!

Let me introduce you to someone who can give you a sustainable green system to heat your home with soft radiant heat. Mastercraft Masonry is a small, family-owned construction company located in Woodland, WA. In business since 1974, Mastercraft Masonry is committed to delivering only the highest quality masonry installation and service professionalism. Mastercraft has installed over 130 High-Efficiency Masonry Heater fireplaces in homes around the Pacific Northwest! Owner Stan Homola was developing and producing high-efficiency masonry heaters way before “green” became a marketing buzzword. Let’s hear what he has to say!

Masonry Heaters: A High-Efficiency Upgrade

Q: You’ve heard of compact fluorescent light bulbs and LED lighting. High-efficiency washing machines, trucks with variable valve timing, and cylinder shut off but what about fireplaces? Are there any ways these can be as efficient as the rest of today’s products?

A: A masonry heater is simply a fireplace which channels the smoke through a maze of stone or brick to capture and save the maximum amount of heat from a short, hot fire. Mastercraft Masonry designs their firebox to burn at peak temperatures of 1,700 to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This benefit greatly reduces particulate emissions as compared to other wood-burning fireplaces or wood stoves. These fireplaces burn firewood in the most efficient way possible. The Masonry Heater simply extracts more heat from their firewood than any other similar fireplace in the market today! You can reduce your cordwood consumption by as much as 70% in a heating season by installing one of these fireplaces. Most Masonry Heater owners will use three cords of dry, seasoned firewood per season, in a home heated daily with their Masonry Heater. The best part about these fireplaces is the gentle, slow releasing radiant heat which stays around until the morning after the fire was burned!

Efficiency. This one word describes the contraflow system. When heat gases are forced 6 feet downward, they absorb into the masonry mass at a much greater rate than a regular fireplaces’ single upward flue. Many wood-burning fireplaces are simply wasting heat out the chimney! Not so with the High Efficiency Masonry Heater. One fire is sufficient to heat 2,000 to 3,000 square feet for 24 hours with gentle, radiant heat.

Despite being popular choices, brick and stone aren’t the only options for facing Masonry Heaters. Mastercraft also has imported finished soapstone and hardware to build some unique modern heaters, which can also function as ovens. Plaster finish can give a contemporary look. One recent project even incorporated recycled brick. There is a Mastercraft masonry heater to fit any decor.

Here are some examples of customers using the efficiency of Masonry Heaters:

– Kerry and Leila Homola of Amboy, Washington: They decided to install a Masonry Heater in the basement of their 2,000 square foot home as well as a water heating coil along with the high-efficiency fireplace. Their heat pump hardly ever kicks on even in the coldest winter days, and they have spent as little as $75 on their entire electric bill for one month!

– Art and Lisa Halberg of Amboy, Washington: Art and Lisa realized that they can heat their home almost entirely with the basement fireplace, and heat water for a family of ten as well!

– John and Joanne Ek of Battle Ground, Washington: This couple wanted to have Mastercraft Masonry install a masonry heater in their home. John, a mason of 20+ years, could install the brick facing himself. Mastercraft installed the core for them with a water heating coil. John figures it saves him around $100 per month in water heating savings!

There is no question that Masonry Heaters burn smarter, more efficiently, and greener than any other masonry-based fireplace on the market today. No fireplace company can come close to selling a product that can heat their home for 24 hours from 40-50 lbs. of seasoned firewood. These fireplaces can be outfitted with baking ovens, water heating coils, and heated benches, allowing you to save substantially on your utility bills! The Masonry Heater fireplace will change the way you heat your home! View photos of Masonry Heater installations on their website at: www.mastercraftmasonry.net

Masonry heaters are a sustainable, green option which has stood the test of time. So, it is easy for me to recommend Mastercraft masonry. Stan has also agreed to give ATF members a tour of completed masonry heaters. Call 360-921-3542 and let him know you are interested in the ATF perks. And to sweeten the deal, we’ll build your mantel as a gift! A masonry heater could become the centerpiece of a warm, inviting room for your family to gather in on those chilly winter days.

To your momentum and success,

Bert Sarkkinen