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The crazy prices of lumber is being talked about non-stop and many factors are blamed. In this video Bert goes beyond just the normal factors explaining other elements as well.

Everything from sawmills, to solar flares, to demand, scarcity…everything had an effect. A confluence of events which reduced mill capacity and simultaneously spiked building demand- which had a reactionary effect from both buyers and sellers alike.

You may be asking, “Where do I go from here?” Or “Should I build now or hold off?” As you know, only you can answer that question – but knowing that this price change wasn’t an accident will allow you to weight your options best.

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The Real Reason(s) Lumber Prices Skyrocketed
Timber Framing
The Real Reason(s) Lumber Prices Skyrocketed
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Did Lumber Prices Skyrocket for no reason?
Bert Sarkkinen
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